Thursday, October 24, 2013

Greatness eludes me.

I had a chat with a dear friend the other day; well, it was more of a one-sided rant, but she is a great listener and sometimes, we just want people to listen.

It came about with my dissatisfaction of myself. About my observations about the "great" people in this world, and why there are those who are fortunate to be considered great, and yet, it appears that what they do may not be any better or greater than what someone else does.

Of course, there are those people who are just born to be great, it is written in the stars, and they do so without any expectation of recognition in return. Like Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, and even the young Malala Yousafzai. Unlike celebrities, we don't hear much about them, they are not always in the limelight and they perform behind the scenes, but they are great, and when they speak, we listen!

There are writers and artists of the past, whose work seems to surpass what others strive so hard to achieve.... not that perhaps they didn't strive hard too, but it is just expected that if it came from them, then it must be great!

I take pride in all the things I can do, I feel, without sounding like a braggart, that I am talented at many things.

Therein lies my problem.

I look at people who are great. They are great because they are passionate about one thing. Their focus is that one thing. It doesn't matter if it is humanitarian causes, writing, art, photography or even cooking, they excel in that one thing, and it shows, and they do not sway.

I have a wandering mind, a restless soul.

I don't seek recognition, I am too private for that... but for some reason, I seek the idea of greatness; to excel at one thing, to focus on one thing...

...but how do I choose that one thing without letting go of all the other things I love?

I want to write, I would love to pen a book, but I cannot sit long enough to write a chapter or formulate a story. And then I think about having to find a publisher and the changes and rewrites that all authors talk about, and so, I try to remain content with a few simple writings here and there.

I want to paint, and I want to sell my work, but my brush sits idly in a drawer. I want to sew, and I want to take photographs, and I want to design.... I could name a thousand things I want to do.

I take on hobby after hobby, because the excitement of the challenge thrills me; I love learning something new.

Perhaps one day my restless soul will be assuaged and I will focus... and then finally, greatness will come.

But then again, what is greatness?

Happy life!


  1. Greatness comes from within, sweet friend. You are great because you are uniquely you. I have gone through life never settling on one thing, but it is all those parts that have made me happy and have made up who I am. We can't all be famous, but sometimes being famous is not such a great thing. I bet your family thinks you are pretty great. xo Laura

  2. Dear, dear Heather ~ I think being artistic we can't just settle on one thing, our minds crave learning and doing new things. My husband and I were alike in that area. Not great in any one thing, but learning and living and doing what we enjoy, being thankful for our blessings.

    I found three quotes on greatness that sound good to me, maybe they will to you too.

    "A great mind may change its object, but it cannot relinquish them; it must have something to pursue." Colton

    "The man who does his work, any work, conscientiously, must always be in one sense a great man." Mulock

    "Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right using of strength." H.W. Beecher

    I have been touched by your words and photos since I first found your blog. You have been and are an inspiration to me.

    Enjoy your day whatever it brings to you, and enjoy what you do.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. I see greatness in you . . . in photography, writing, reflecting, sensitivity, designing, gardening, caring, humility, kindness, friendship . . .

    In person we have not met . . . yet, "on here" I see, I feel . . . it all.

    That is pretty amazing GREATNESS . . .

  4. What is greatness, Heather? Greatness is having you for a friend . . . and thank you

  5. Heather, You are a girl after my own heart. I understand your musings.

  6. I think sometimes you might remind yourself that a great recipe has more then one ingredient, sure simple recipes taste good, but great ones have complex ingredient too is the wide array of things that you are good at. It will all come together, each of your talents complementing the other, each blending, and mixing until it's great.

    You shine in our world, whether you see your accomplishments as great or not.


  7. We are all greater than we realize. I would rather spend time with a great friend than someone who is great at something else but miserable to spend time with.

  8. Heather, I really understand your feelings here. We all have greatness within us,it usually takes someone from the outside to recognize it and point it out. All those people you mentioned were just doing what they felt they needed to do and then the world learned of their greatness as their kind/brave/alturistic acts became known. The totality of you is your greatness and we all recognize it and have commented on it.

    I hope you write that book, you have beautiful (and great) thoughts. Ann

  9. Hello Heather girl : )
    Your pictures are absolutely stunning !
    I would love to be quietly "there" watching a sunset like this .. then seeing the sky fill with stars .. that to me is "greatness" .. the earth, nature, animals ...humans are still so like children ..what makes a human being "great" ?
    Is never actually thinking that they are "great" .. or that anyone else is.
    The ego plays too much a part of it .. but ? recognizing that some people are kinder, more thoughtful in how they treat other lives on this earth .. that is my aspiration and inspiration and I have to work hard every day to become more that way.
    Talent is perceived in so many different ways .. criticized in so many different degrees,
    to the point that it can crush an artist. No one should have that power over another.
    The angst of trying to doing too many things just eats up your energy .. let it go, relax .. do what you want to do in the moment, and enjoy that one thing, in the moment.
    That is real happiness .. to not need affirmation or confirmation from anyone else.
    My wish for you is to be truly content with yourself.
    Joy : )

  10. Heather ~ Cowboy up, Girl and e-me


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