Thursday, June 6, 2013

..making no apologies!

 Spring has finally hit here in the north, the snow has all gone, the sun is shining, and we have had no rain, except for one light shower...'s hot... hotter than spring should be! I've always said we go right from winter to summer with virtually no spring in between... we've gone from minus temperatures one night to summer tanning temperatures the next!

I have been spending much of my time outdoors, trying to revitalize a sadly neglected garden... four years of neglect has had me boasting about the best crop of weeds you would ever want to grow.

I've spent a ton on plants, the first in four years, and I think I went overboard... I have no beds ready to plant them... yikes!!

While hubby has been away at "camp" (his job), I have been weed whacking, building fences, and moving "garden ornaments"... a big job for one small lone woman... but I wouldn't have it any other way... the garden is my domain and I would rather do it myself!

I've been manually digging post holes, in clay ground, and I have put up an old repurposed fence... the plan was for an "aged" look... it is white, and old fence salvaged from my sister... rustic enough with its flaking chippy white paint...

I've made two gates from the ends of baby cribs...

I've moved a huge pew (12 or 14 feet), a bathtub (not a cast iron one, just a modern one) and other smaller pieces... with nothing but my muscle and determination!

....and, I hate it!

Four days of hard work from morning to night, and I hate it... I mean, I am proud of the job I did, but I really hate the old white fence!

We live in a rustic abode, the white fence just doesn't suit the ambiance! I will be changing it... exchanging painted white square posts for round natural ones... white pickets and rails exchanged for natural wooden rails... I can already see it in my head and I feel it suits me better!

In my anxiousness to redo my garden beds, the decision to erect a fence to provide a sense of boundary for the "veggie" garden, I didn't think it through enough.. I imagined in my head this lovely little fence with all its charm, but it has left me feeling flat... in another location, another house, it would be lovely... but not here!

Anyway all this leads me to saying I've been reading blogs, but I have been having trouble leaving comments through Bloglovin'... and I haven't been posting much, but that is normal for me for summer... I'll post when I can...

...but, I make no apologies... life is good and I am taking time to enjoy Mother Nature's gift to us... I hope you are too!

Happy life!


  1. You've been as busy as a beaver and I'm sure it all looks lovely.
    Don't work too hard and take time to enjoy the fruits of your labour...
    Susan x

  2. Wow Heather, I am sorry the white picket fencing with it's shabby, flaking paint didn't work for you, especially after all that hard work, in the heat. Bless your heart.

    Enjoy your summer and the beauty all around you.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Ah, Heather . . . there, there, girl. Give your fence time or pressure wash the paint off. You have worked so hard and your plant picks are beautiful. It seems we are all in the midst of repurposing, redirecting and reinventing the proverbial wheel. Wishing you a gentle summer rain for your soul and garden.

  4. Hey Heather, do you do roses up there? I am thinking that maybe your fence just needs to settle it's self into the landscape a bit.

    Maybe some clematis, and roses, a few sweet peas? Give it time, you have spent so much energy getting it there, don't give up yet.

    Love the flowers that you got...I see more garden beds in your future.

    And remember gardens are a work in progress, what you don't do this year, will over winter and wait for next year.


  5. Lovely flowers . The weather down here has been up and down first it was humid sunny and dry then sunny with cool breezes and rain and now it is actually chilly and windy with rain on and off ! This June has been strange for us . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Heather, It does seem you can somehow you can salvage all your hard work. Enjoy your gardens, natures coloring book. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Bonnie

  7. Heather girl !!!
    No matter how hard you work you sound so HAPPY ! and look at all those gorgeous plants you have collected !!
    I am so happy for yu because I know how much you love having so much life and colour around you like this .. I also know you are creating such a beautiful area .. just try to take it a little easier on your poor body with such intense heavy work .. you aren't a Spring chicken any more remember ! haha
    I can't wait to see more pictures on how this is turning out !
    Joy : )

  8. Maybe your fence needs a vine or just some tall plants for it to peek through. Does Joe Pye Weed grow in your zone? The hard work will be worth it when your revitalized garden makes you happy. :o)

  9. Oh, Heather you have really been busy, but sorry that you are not happy after all of your hard work. I know that you will get it just like you want and all will be wonderful in the end. Hugs, Laura

  10. Heather, I'm actually liking the look of the fence. The plants are the most important part and they will bring beauty to your garden and the fence - I actually thought the crib end gates were a genius idea. I look forward to seeing how your space progresses. Ann

  11. Hello Heather. I think the flowers will give your nice fence the added color and well make it even prettier. Great job. Have a lovely Summer and enjoy your great out-of-doors. Hugs Judy

  12. Wow, what a lot of work Heather and then to not like the results, I'm so sorry :O( But I hear what you are saying, we have a post and rail fence and it suits our property and house well as I'm sure it will yours. Enjoy your lovely, long soon to be summer days and don't work too hard or apologize for your absence, our Canadian summers are too precious to waste indoors. Happy planting! Deb

  13. All those giant garden chores, i bet you sleep well at night.

    I am in a camping place but put in a small garden this summer with flowers by the tons and some watermelon, squash, cantelopes and herbs!
    I'll stop by again and see how your garden grows.

  14. This is a such a busy time in the garden. We have to make the most oft he good weather days outside ... the blogging world will still be around when we have time.

  15. You're right-- this time of year, get away from the computer if you can! You sure have been a busy beaver! Do you hire out? ;)


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