Monday, June 24, 2013

..I'm only a seasonal blogger!

You may have noticed, I haven't  blogged in a while...

... but that's okay, it's summer, and summers are short.

So many things to get done, so little time... it will be winter before I know it and I will wonder why I spent all my time sitting at my computer when I could have been outside enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer! ...and so, I don't.

But today it's raining... and I have found a bit of time to catch up on reading all my blog friends' posts, I may not answer, but I'm reading... there is only so much time in a day after all and I have inside chores to do that have been neglected since I've been spending so much time outdoors.

But this whole blogging thing has gotten me thinking... I'm reading blogs that say they don't just want to be another DIY blog, blogs that tell you how to make your blog successful (not even following their own recommendations!), blogs for pleasure reading, blogs for informational reading, blogs that appear successful with numerous followers, blogs for inspiration, blogs that charge fees for this service or that, this product or that.

If I was younger, perhaps I'd give my blogs some serious consideration... my initial reasons for starting my first and second blogs (this is my third), have all but gone by the wayside and I have come to the realization that for me, my blog is just a way to release all the thoughts that go through my head, perhaps just to show what I'm working on at the moment or something I have finished and am pleased with... and if I feel like blogging, I will, and if I don't, I won't. I no longer think of it as a way to market my wares, or to try and build my customer base.

I don't need to be like all the younger people out there who are so technically orientated that they are using social media as a way to earn money from home so they can stay home with their kids... it's a fantastic concept... a throwback to the "stay-at-home" mother, but with the independence of being able to say they have contributed to the family income... I like that, I'm independent and like earning my own money. So, if that's you goal, then go give 'er...

...for me, I just have to accept.... I'm only a seasonal blogger! I appreciate all those who do visit and leave comments, but I also understand, life doesn't revolve around blogging!

I hope you are all taking the time to enjoy your summer!

(All pictures are last year's stock!)

Happy life!


  1. I often reevaluate my reasons for blogging. For me it is about the writing. I have nothing to sell, just a mind that will not be quiet. And a desire to share the blessings surrounding us daily. Enjoy your summer.

  2. Great post Heather. I too am thinking about blogging and plan to 'do more' physical and enjoyable things around home and less blogging. I love to connect with everyone, but my life has changed drastically so I need to do what works for me at this time.

    Blogging friends have been and still are a source of love and encouragement and I am so thankful.

    Love and hugs to you Heather ~ Continue to enjoy your lovely gardens and life.


  3. I like that . . . a seasonal blogger. I enjoy you when ever you are "in season!"

    Pretty simple for me. It is a place for me to share some photos and thoughts . . . in someways I am talking to myself. I love the comments, don't get me wrong. They make me feel "connected" to the outside world instead of just being connected to myself.

    The thrust of the early blogging days has changed for me and today I find a more natural ease.

    I am enjoying flip flops, bare toes, porch sitting, firefly night watching and the blossoms and blooms warm summer days can bring.

    Happy Days to you Heather . . .

  4. Great post Heather - blogging is like that for me as well. Sometimes I wish I had more time for it, but that's always at the end of a long list of other things I wish I had time for.
    I read somewhere once, you can sit and write about life or go out and live it - I hope I will always choose the latter more...
    Enjoy your summer!

  5. great post. I hope that we all take time to smell the roses. Life definitely speeds by too quickly. Hugs,

  6. Turn, turn, turn
    There is a season
    Turn, turn, turn
    And a time for ev'ry purpose under heaven . . .


    Take your time, Heather . . . it's all good!

  7. You say it sister!

    And I love Lynn's comment...that's one favorite version of a beautiful song.

    Oh, BTW I am loving the muted watermarks...see inspiration is everywhere.


  8. I love reading your posts whenever you want to make them Heather, enjoy your summer and your garden and Happy Canada Day! Deb

  9. I blog when I feel like it and don't blog when I don't feel like it. I want it to be fun not a job. Go do what makes you happy and if you feel like writing about it, we'll be here to read. :o)

  10. I don't think there is anything wrong with blogging seasonally, or occasionally. There are times in our lives when other things take priority or we just get tired or something. So glad I caught up with your lovely way with words and thanks for stopping by and checking on me the other day. Ann


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