Friday, April 26, 2013

...mind games!

A special gift from a dear friend!

Have you ever wondered about your memory? Do you ever worry about your memory?

We must not let our memories fade!
I like to believe I have been blessed with a wonderful memory; a memory for detail, a memory for remembering words, a memory for being able to replicate in my mind something I have seen, be it in person, from a book, from a monitor, from a photo... and I feel blessed that at my age (which isn't that old really!)  I do have a pretty good memory.

It's not that I remember everything, I don't have a photographic memory or anything, and I may not remember someone's name, but I really seem to have a knack for remembering small details.

Getting older doesn't mean we have to lose our mind!
I don't know what it is, but when I look at things, I really look at them, almost study them, scrutinize them...

...a lot of that comes from being artistic, and the other from the types of careers I have had that have necessitated research and emulation.

I don't give things just a passing glance, I study details and design, how somebody does something, how something is made, how something is laid out... and I remember it, recall it to use at a later date... it's a funny thing! It's not something I consciously do, it just happens..

...and I wonder if this practice will serve me well as I age.

But, there are two things that seem to test my memory, all the time, every day... my keys and my glasses.... I lose them all the time; have absolutely no clue where I saw or put them last! Even to the point that I have found myself hunting all over for my prescription reading glasses, standing there and staring blankly into space trying to remember where they were, only to discover I was wearing them all along, I guess I just couldn't see the clarity for the blur!!

 The mind is a great tool, a funny thing... it may remember, it may not... it may be useful, it may not...

Remember to look after yourself!
I don't know if what we do with our memory plays a part in how our mind will serve us through the years, but I do believe we must nurture it in order for it to stay viable for as long as it can...

We must test our mind, challenge it, practice activities which make us have to use it, do different activities with it... do you think that if the mind is being challenged enough that when it is called upon for something really important, it will be sharp enough? I don't know, I am not a mind specialist... but we do know that as babies and growing children we are challenged to play different games, participate in memory games, fit the shape games. All of these types of things are the basis for opening our mind and keeping it healthy and keeping it growing when we are young, so, why should we stop as we age?

Keep challenging your mind by learning new things, working with hand and eye coordination tasks that will make the brain think, read, test yourself... it's all games for the mind!

The writing says it all!

Happy life!

These absolutely beautiful cards are from Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams who is the most wonderful photographer and sweetest person... visit her blog, or pop over to her Facebook page, and ask her about purchasing some of these beautiful cards in which you can write your own sentiments inside. Thank you Jen!


  1. There have been studies done-- doing crossword puzzles, etc does keep the minds of seniors sharper. Wearing Batman and Eeyore shirts can't hurt either, right? Thanks for the blog visit.

  2. Very thoughtful post. I love Jen's photographs.

  3. A wonderful post. I so sympathize with your losing your glasses. Each September I tell my class, when I am trying to find my glass to tell me they are on my head. I have always had a great memory, but find a few things are beginning to slip. Hugs. Bonnie

  4. I love Jen's photos and cards. She captures images in such a beautiful fashion.

    Hmmmm. Memory. Mine seems to be not great lately. I try to exercise my brain by reading, doing puzzles and word games, but there are times I find my short term memory is tested. My mother spent her last couple of years in and out of dementia and it broke my heart to see her struggle, sometimes not even knowing exactly who I was or what year it was. Other days she was spot on. I believe her mind was protecting her from the harsh reality her last few years were and would send her to a more pleasant time and place. How difficult it must be for families dealing with a member with Alzheimer's. Frustrating for everyone involved.

    So, I will keep working on my brain skills and you keep working on yours, Heather. Great post.


  5. That Jen sure does make beautiful cards! I have a terrible memory. I blame it on menopause. :)
    xo Catherine

  6. I do think have to try to keep our brains challenged. I don't know if it will help in my later years but I imagine it will. I hope it will! :o)

  7. Feeding and challenging our memory is a way to be kind to our self. It is important for us to treat ourselves to remember our past as much as it is important to exercise the mind to remember something most recent.

    I think of you and Jen as almost "sisters" . . . Each of you creative, artistic, gentle of soul . . .

    Beauiful nod you just gave her!

  8. Say what? Seriously Heather it was a lucky day we found Jen. We are truly blessed with her charm and wit.

    It’s not that I’ve exactly lost my mind. I’m comfortable with both fantasy and staying in the here and now. I do loose words . . . finding myself groping for a substitute . . . taking a moment to just breathe. It’s not all bad. Changing out fall/winter clothes to spring/summer I found three new tops, white flip-flops and a long summer shift bought on clearance last year. Love my Cinderella moments . . . and thank you.

  9. Heather you have made my cards look soooo beeeeutiful with your photography. I am so glad that you like them.

    Someone mentioned that eating too much .....? now what was it? I've forgotten again, makes our brains foggy. Was it chocolate, white flour, or sugar?

    Ah something, I am sure.


  10. I can remember things from years ago but forget what I ate an hour ago. I don't think remembering my snack is as important as a memory of a person or event. My husband is a key loser, too. It drives him crazy.

  11. Heather girl !
    What a comforting post and such a nice highlight to have Jen's gift here : )
    My memory sucks so bad it is embarrassing .. I played the free trial "Luminosity" program around Xmas time .. had fun .. signed up for a year's worth and then started to avoid it like the plague because I just felt like such a dummy .. too distracted with what was going on here .. but maybe when things settle down I will get back to it and shape up my mind ? FINALLY ? haha
    Joy .. BIG sigh !

  12. I never lose my glasses as I can't ever take them off of my face, unless I have contacts in, as I'm blinder than a bat!! At least they can use sonar!!
    My grandmother had Alzheimer's when she died so it's a great fear of my mom's, I just read the other day how scientests are finding new ways to awaken memory cells, it's very cool stuff...
    Much love to you,
    You Rock!

  13. I love this post - I was thinking about writing a post about how my memory works the other day - it can be a great gift or a blasted curse sometimes! I have a memory that sounds much like yours.... unbelievable detail, but not always a recollection of the simplest of things. The cursed part (for me at least) is that I can be accused of "holding on" to events etc. but it really isn't that - I just don't forget, and because of the amount of detail I remember, it's always as if something just happened yesterday, not thirty years ago.
    My husband and I were talking about an inn we had been to 18 years ago - I couldn't remember what year exactly we were there but I told him what we ate in the restaurant, what books and antiques were in the lobby and how our room was decorated, right down to the plush forest green carpeting.... and on, and on, and on. He thinks I'm daft!

  14. Jen is such a beautiful photographer. I am always losing my reading glasses. My keys I put in my purse. Otherwise I would have no idea where they are. I like to do the New York Times crossword puzzles. Helps to fry I mean help my mind :)

  15. Hello Heather, Jen cards are very pretty.. Memory is such a precious thing and so very sad when one starts losing parts of it..I am very thankful I have a very good memory. My hubby calls me a GPS because once I have been to a place I never forget how to get back there...VBG Lovely post. Hugs Judy


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