Thursday, January 3, 2013

Too many words to embrace...

I don't know what it is about a new year, but it almost seems as though there is so much to look forward to... so much new... what's different on January 1 that wasn't there on December 31?

I do not make New Year's resolutions.

Heck, I can't even plan what I'm going to do tomorrow, let alone decide what I am going to do for the next year! Good grief!

But on many blogs, I've read people making their word for the year... again, something I've never done... but it has plagued my mind for several days now and for the life of me, I could not come up with just one word that best suited either the way I was feeling right now, or perhaps one word that would supposedly change my life for the better... how did everyone else do it!

At first I thought about dedication or commitment... but then I thought, I already do that, if I make a commitment to someone or something, I dedicate my time to it fully, whether I like it or not... (sometimes I take on a bit more than I can chew and I'd like to just let the task slip by, but if I've committed, then I've committed... it's my own fault).

Then I thought about focus... I've always got so much on the go, and I am too interested in so many things that I thought perhaps I should learn to focus on one thing... but then I knew that would be totally unrealistic to someone who gets bored to easily, wants to try everything at least once, and is so enamoured by colour that one minute I can see watercolor paints and want to sit down at my easel, and the next moment I'm spying embroidery flosses and am already contemplating my next project... yes, focus would be too unrealistic.

So, that brought me to realistic... in my life I have to start looking at things realistically... what I can realistically fit into my schedule, what is realistic to aim for, what is realistic to plan for because realistically, the best of plans never seem to pan out... but, I'm a dreamer and sometimes dreams are based on the unrealistic... so realistic sounds like it will be too unrealistic for me!

I need to concentrate on making myself happy, so perhaps my word should be self... I've touched on it before; look after yourself first because if you are happy then it will make you a better person for the people around you... but then I thought, if I only think of myself, then wouldn't that be a little too selfish to consider myself for a whole year?

Well, after all the humming and hawing, the pondering and examining, I have decided that if I were to choose a word, my word would be embrace...

...part of the definition of embrace is an act of accepting or supporting something willingly or enthusiastically...

...for every time that I finish a task I have committed myself to and have dedicated my time to, I am going to embrace the pleasure of having completed it and then I will try to think realistically about what task to say yes to next time... I am going to focus on finding pleasure and enjoying each and every moment of the time I spend on each and every art from I will dabble in this year and embrace the happiness it will give me from the moments grasped adding stitches to a needlepoint, the excitement of watching a new design come to life, the colours evolving on a blank canvas from brush or pencil... and yes, I'm even going to embrace the many words I find to write, and know I have put lots of thought into what I have expressed, with reckless abandon of course!

Yes, if I were to choose a word, I choose to embrace all of the unseen wonders of life on a daily basis!

What word would you choose?

Happy life!


  1. I don't make resolutions either I just go with the flow lol. It is what it is . Simple quiet life that lets me do what ever and when ever I want . Good post and love your photos . Have a good evening !

  2. Heather, your thought process is as captivating as your snow shadows with your girls. I like your word embrace as it promises many more blogs in the coming year. My word is finally settled. I chose moderation ... and thank you.

  3. Embrace. Just the word itself is beautiful. By choosing that word I believe it shows you are also grateful. You're grateful enough for your full life that you want to embrace it. When I read your blog I really am blessed by your photos and your words are always comforting...

  4. Embrace. Just the word itself is beautiful. By choosing that word I believe it shows you are also grateful. You're grateful enough for your full life that you want to embrace it. When I read your blog I really am blessed by your photos and your words are always comforting...

  5. Oh my gosh, this was something I needed to read and thoroughly enjoyed this morning. Thank you Heather.

    I couldn't choose just one word and under my circumstances I chose anticipation and thankfulness.

    I love the photos of you with your doggie friends blue shadows in the brilliant white snow.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady Lorraine

  6. Great post, Heather. As usual, you've made me think.

    The photos of your shadows are brilliant. I love them! :o)

  7. Such a lovely post! Embrace! I haven't chosen a word, but I do like yours. As Anne said above, "You've made me think."

  8. Hello Heather Girl !
    Happy New Year : )
    I don't make resolutions any more .. they lead to disappointments .. so I stopped driving myself NUTS !
    I just read about Jen's word too .. Balance would be good .. but I am afraid this year is going to be rather hectic if things finally turn out right for Number One Son .. there are so many attached "missions" if we finally get him moved .. but I have to remember not to drive myself into the ground or have sweetie do that to himself either .. so I will try to keep "Balance" in mind when I can!
    Embrace makes me smile and makes me think of my garden .. so that is what I will tuck away for that part of my life : ) thanks girl!


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