Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heather's Hiccups... awards....

Recently I was nominated for an award, the Liebster Blog award... "the word Liebster apparently has German origins and is reported to mean sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome".

It's not my habit to accept awards, but in the spirit of the game and because I did not disclose anywhere on my blog I don't accept awards, I thought I'd use another of my famous mottos, "my blog, my rules"... so while I have been given the award and I have told the giver (thanks Tammy) that I might consider telling the 11 little known things about me required to "receive" the award.... I am being true to my word to her and am going to pass on some things about me... but in true "break the rules" fashion, since I'm not actually going to "accept" the award, here are 16 things you didn't know about me because that seems like a nice even number and it's just three more than a baker's dozen! (and I know I could have written more but I had to control myself... yikes!!!) It might look long, but worth the read, if I do say so myself, but then again, I just may be biased!

1. They say you need to eat a pound of dirt before you die... and I admit to having done that many times, including sharing my lollies and ice cream with my dogs when I was a little girl, "a lick for me, a lick for you".... now most of you are probably saying "yuk"...  but I'm still here to tell about it so it couldn't have been all that bad! I may even have gained some antibodies against today's super bugs!

2. Speaking of yuk.... I recently made myself a cup of hot chocolate, which I usually only drink when I am desperate or out "coffeeing" (which I never do), anyway, I think the package may have been several years old, I don't know where I got it, probably some kind of Christmas exchange because it was instant hot chocolate all packaged up in a little plastic bag complete with marshmallows, Hershey's Kisses, and a candy cane... I think I kept it because it looked so cute and I thought that perhaps I would make little gifts like that one day, ha!... so I must have "squirreled it away in an empty container on my baking shelf (shows you when the last time I baked was)... , anyway, I digress... I was desperate because I had no milk in the house for my tea and when I discovered this I thought, hmmm... wonder if it's still good, I made it, drank it (not in my tea), it tasted good and I didn't die... so much for expiry dates! So, I probably should be embarrassed that I had hung onto this for so long, and then admitting that I finally drank it, but then I figure there are probably a lot worse things I've done in my life.... so what's the use of crying over brown milk!

3. If you haven't already guessed, I don't drink coffee!

4. I have been dying my hair for a few years, but only using the wash-in kind of dye... but, I haven't dyed it since June or July of this year... yup, the grays are showing... but in my mind, it takes a strong woman to wear gray!

5. I hate creamy foods like cream soup, salad dressing, cheese balls, spinach dip, chip dips, cream cheese, most cheese except cheddar and Velveeta, other stuff like that, however, ice cream, yogurt, whipping cream and cheese cake don't fall into that category :) yum!

6. My favourite breakfast is yogurt with granola and fresh or canned fruit on top... but only after I have my first mug.... or two... or three... of tea!

7. I was not blessed with the lovely ample bosom of the other females in my family, instead that area was left flat to make room for large lungs so that I could talk and yell loudly, and so that I could hold enough air so that I can get enough words into one sentence that most people would take days to say... I speak very very quickly, most people think I'm hyper, which I'm not, I'm just super-excited most of the time, and I've been compared to a major celebrity.... the Energizer Bunny!

8. I was brought up in a family where I was taught that you never let a man hit you. When I was in my early twenties, I lived with a man who physically abused me.... I survived that relationship for about three years before one day I finally got the courage up to leave... it took me a long time to tell people about it, I used to be ashamed... but I have to look at it that it happened for a reason (Point #16 will explain my reasoning on that), perhaps to make me more compassionate towards others... anyway, since then, I have never let a man intimidate me again! Case in point, next point....

9. I've got a few nicknames... my B-I-L calls me the Celtic Warrior... perhaps that's because we don't always see eye to eye, and it has nothing to do with his 6 foot height to my meagre 5 foot 2 inches!

10. While I'm on the subject of men, once when I was having a conversation with a guy, he proceeded to tell me the problem with women/girls is that they weren't as smart as men/boys because it was a proven fact that men/boys learned to speak before women/girls did... I proceeded to tell him that the reason men/boys learn to speak before women/girls is that women/girls learn to think before they speak! Yaba daba doo Fred... I thought it was kind of witty... he didn't! Love to see a man at a loss for words!

11. I like to consider myself a bit of a rebel... if you tell me I can't do something, then I will, or at least I will try... I like to be different... I like to go against the grain for the most part, shock the heck out of people when they least expect it...and even though most people who meet me consider me to be a bit of a prude, and a proper "lady"... this is so not true, I do have a belly button ring (but I'm too old and out of shape to show my belly) which I got about 15 years ago, I have a small tattoo on the back of my neck of a sea horse which I got a couple of years ago (I always wanted one but some people might think I was just going through a mid-life crises), and I have multiple earrings which I got in the 80s... only on one ear... just goes to prove that you just can't judge a book by its cover! You'd never know these things by looking at me, except for the earrings because I do wear my hair in a bun a lot! .... but these things don't make me a bad person, they will just make it more acceptable to the nurses in the old folks home who may have to look after me in my old age, and instead of calling me a crotchety old biddy when I start using my lungs and perhaps saying a rather naughty word here and there, they will just chalk it up to perhaps the alternative life style I must have lived and how hip I must have been for my era (because piercings and tattoos will be common place with them) and allow me a few more spins around the place in my wheelchair before shuffling me off to the cafeteria to eat mush!

12. I love ice cream! Favourites being vanilla or strawberry!

13. I am a book fanatic, and I've even been told I have OCD about my books because I don't dog ear them, I won't bend them at the spine, and I have been known to cover them with brown paper (just like the good old school days), if I think it will get "worn" like when I'm travelling! And when I buy a book I look to see that there are no marks on it. Most of the books I own and have read look like they've never been touched/read. On the other hand, I do love old hard cover books that show their age... dog ears, flaws and all!

14. My husband tells me that I have a dark cloud that hangs over my head, because if something is going to happen, it's going to happen to me... and I may be a little accident prone once in a while... he also thinks I have ESP because I just have to think about something and it happens... for instance, I don't know how many times I have gotten in to my car and looked at my tires and thought "I hope I don't get a flat", and lo and behold, I will get a flat... I have had more flats on the road to our house than my husband and the two neighbours combined have had in all the time they have lived here!

15. I will never be too old to believe... in my Alice in Wonderland world there are faeries, dragons, unicorns, mermaids and all things magical and there is beauty everywhere!

16. I am a strong believer in fate.... I believe we have many paths we can choose in life, and no matter which path we choose, along the way we are destined to meet certain people, live through certain things and do certain things. It makes us the people we are, or who we are meant to become.... they are what makes us strong, weak, compassionate, harsh, sentimental, funny... a person you might be happy to know!

Are you up to sharing intimate things about you?

Happy life!


  1. I like your #10 - good one!
    I'm pretty much an open book. :)
    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  2. Hello Heather girl ! (I feel guilty about changing my header .. I will have to change it again to have my girls in there !! just for YOU!!)
    My goodness girl .. I loved reading more about you and ... I have always wanted a tattoo .. I would love a sea horse!! and a Celtic knot of course .. but my doctor would have a fit .. I can't take any chances with something like that with my many grumpy conditions.
    I might draw one on ??? LOL
    Now you have to have a disclaimer on your blog to avert the award business ;0 wink wink

  3. Obviously you have earned your place in deserving the Liebster award. Well done!

  4. That is simply the best response to a "things about me" award I have ever seen. You, Joy, Catherine, and I have got to get together one day...[ I read all of your blogs, and correspond with all of you]....could you imagine the fun we would have?

    Great post, you certainly did open that book.


  5. Whoops and I see Lynn also...add her in.


  6. Great blog! I enjoyed reading this post very much. It seems we have many things in common, one being our love for ice cream. I do find it strange you do not like most creamy foods, except ice cream. But lucky you! Usually the creamy foods are the worst for you. I love tea but recently have switched to coffee to keep me up at work. Isn't is funny how people drink coffee for the caffeine when tea has more? Thanks for sharing.

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  7. That was fascinating, Heather. The one I smiled most at was number 4 about stopping dying your hair. I did that last year and now I'm mostly white ... and I *love* it. It's the best thing I ever did.

  8. I really enjoyed getting to know you better Heather! I think you should show off that belly button ring this Summer!! Also.... there is absolutely no proof boys speak before girls! But we do think first don't we :)... thank you fir sharing the abuse part if your life... that takes courage! You Rock!!

  9. I love this! You and I would get along very well! Talking early is no indication that what was said was worth listening to! :o)

  10. I'm overprotective of my books, too. I hardly ever lend them out anymore, because people don't treat them as living, breathing entities... which I do. Lol!

    And when I'm reading a book that's brand new and perfect, I nearly kill my hands from trying not to damage the spine by opening it too much.



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