Saturday, December 8, 2012

... all that sparkles is not gold...

Christmas baskets.... "I want it the same as "this basket" but without a candy cane"... the client asked

..."it's for an 80+ lady, I don't think she'd eat a candy cane" the client said...
Are you creative?

Do you let all the little quirks in your creation bother you, or do you leave them be and chalk it down to "it gives it character"...

I'm trying to get better at letting it go, not striving for perfection, enjoying all the little imperfections...

...but it's hard... it's really hard...

...but honestly, I am trying....

It looked much better in person... one giant candy to embellish the outside (no candy cane!)! I improvised by filling the "candy" with candy! (So sorry about the pictures, the lighting was terrible in the shop, it looks out of proportion and really really bright red, but it wasn't in person... I only had a couple of seconds to snap the shot... I am even embarrassed to be showing these pictures)...

....really... I just wish the pictures were better.

Happy life!


  1. I think you are too hard on yourself. Believe me that lady is going to be so happy that someone thought of her, and to be getting such a wonderfully created gift basket.

    Add in such a pretty tag on it, she will be thrilled...

    Especially when she finds out that you didn't eat all the


  2. Hello Heather, You are a very creative person and I think the basket is very lovely and happy looking. I love how it sparkles. I am sure the "Little Old Lady" will love it too. Hugs Judy

  3. Heather girl .. my god ! do NOT be so hard on yourself!
    I would be tickled pink to get a basket like that .. it is so pretty and festive .. we all know the candy cane would have been perfect and why the "giver" is such a stickler ? who knows .. the giftee ? could have given the candy cane away to some deserving soul ... it would have been a bonus package.
    So .. it is the giver who disrupted a perfectly wonderful basket and no , please do NOT apologize for anything you perceive as wrong with these pictures girl !
    They are so pretty !!
    Joy : )
    PS .. sorry my e-mails are not happening lately .. just not in that space yet. BIG sigh ! haha

  4. Good grief, Heather ~ it’s great! In answer to your question I’m fairly creative and generally satisfied with “good enough.” I don’t know if you know Lorraine, Flower Lady. Her husband passed this morning. She is a lovely woman. Be happy, be creative, be satisfied. Enjoy!

  5. I think the basket looks fab! I bet the 80+ lady will love it! :o)

  6. That looks like a beautiful basket to me! I think that is a sign of a truly creative person - never happy with your own work. Always looking to make it perfect!
    Hope you had a nice weekend!
    xo Catherine

  7. I think they are lovely! You are a talented woman!

  8. Imperfections in ANYTHING I do troubles me greatly.

    By the way.... pretty basket (love the colors), and I like the tag too.



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