Friday, December 28, 2012

A loner... but never alone...

I am alone, but I am not lonely...

My days are filled with the fingers of the earth tapping on my shoulder, encouraging me to discover its hidden treasures... just waiting to be found... see the chipmunks who skitter amongst the thistles; gathering precious seed... listen to the songbird who visits the feeders; finding sustenance without the work... hear the sounds of the grasshopper; telling me "I am here"....

The fire in the fireplace crackles, bearing a pot of brewing tea; inviting me to sit for a while and drink in the beauty of that which surrounds me...

...and the day looms ahead of me, the hours asking me what I will do to fill my time...

My art board keeps me company with its empty canvas; begging to be adorned with warm colour... coming to life with each colour laid...

Strands of floss entice me to put imagination to cloth and thrill in the glory of creativity with each stitch drawn...

Fabrics beg me to be cut and sewn... turning cloth into treasures unknown.

In every corner, in every space, in every thing, there is companionship...

...its presence calls out my name, saying "I am here, I will keep you company... just reach out and you will find me, I am at your side and I will fill your hours"...

I am a loner... but I am never alone!

Do you enjoy your own company or do you have that need to have someone around?


  1. Hello Heather, I enjoyed seeing your Winter Wonderland and all its wonderful creatures. Great photos. Hugs Judy

  2. What a cheeky little fox. I admire the patience it took to get these candid shots. A loner ~ alone? Much of my time is on my contented own. At the same time there are also days I want to reach out for connections with special people in blogland. It’s nice to be in the company of strong women. It’s nice to feel in balance with my universe, Heather. You do, indeed, live in beauty . . . and thank you.

  3. Wonderful post and photos ! I am a loner always have been but I do like the company of bloggers and of my fur babies and yes even Papa lol ! Have a Happy New Year !

  4. Hello heather girl !!
    This is a wonderful artful post in pictures and words ( I would have loved to see that fox with you .. I would have asked questions of you and probably scared him off though ? LOL)
    Loner .. YES .. I don't know why but I have seen the other end of the spectrum with some army wives .. they always had to have people around them and that was scary.
    I am happy being a loner but I do despair that I don't visit my blogging friends enough .. I am very guilty of that (I do owe you an e-mail girl !! red faced !!)
    I think we are the luckier people .. we are content with our own company and that is a peaceful way to be no matter where we live.
    I loved this post girl !!
    Have a VERY Happy New Year with your sweeties human and animal : )
    The year of the snake will bring prosperity and happiness for us !
    Joy : )

  5. You have captivated me with this your approach to being alone (NEVER), and LOVE the fox!

  6. What a sweet little fox! Glad there were no birds at the feeder!
    I do usually enjoy my own company. I have always liked my own quiet time. :)
    xo Catherine

  7. Lovely writing Heather! You're truly blessed with the creatures you have around you.
    And your photography is always perfect!
    About my posting... yes the people in those particular photographs are young, but its no rebellion. These kids are actually raised to believe the signs they hold. Their parents are the ones that run the church that is causing quite a ruckus across the USA.

  8. If I saw what you see through my windows I would never be out of the house. I would be perched in front of the window with the camera all day long.


  9. Oh my gosh, I am such a loner. :p

    I love being alone, and although I enjoy the company of a few people... even then it has to be in little spurts here and there. I prefer animals to people.


  10. I am both very social and anti-social. I love the company of others but also enjoy quiet time spent alone. I keep myself well entertained. What I can't live without are my dogs. They are with me constantly. I also can't go a day without hugging my family. :o) I have never had a fox in my yard. My area is too packed with people.

  11. For the past week I have been revisiting Emily Dickinson (no surprise I'm drawn to her work and am fascinated by the poet as well). Even if that weren't the case, I'm pretty sure this beautiful post would spark a Dickinson recollection nonetheless. . . love of nature, solitude, poetry.

    You may not be meant to "author a book", but you certainly have the gift of writing and have authored (and are authoring) a remarkable blog.


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