Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Down the wooded path I walk,
a whiskey jack I do hear talk.

Flitting back and forth between the trees,
saying, I see you but you can't see me!

I stop to take a needed rest,
he revealed himself, looking his very best.

Scavengers they are said to be,
don't you have a treat for me?

I reached in my pocket and I did find,
a tiny morsel, will this do fine?

He hesitated but for an instant,
then picked it up and flew off in the distance.

Happy life!


  1. Oh wow, I have never even heard of these birds! And the snow... and the bird landing on your... what a beautiful life you lead Heather... So peaceful.

  2. I love this. So amazing. Jen sent me over, and I am so glad she did :)

  3. Fantastic post and photos ! I have heard of these birds but never seen one as we do not have them here . I have lots of other lovely birdies that visit our feeders and I love to photograph them , they like to play with me in the tree whilst I am taking their photos . Nature is wonderful . Have a good day !

  4. Heather....snort, lol, OK I give up....what on earth, are we really blogging sisters, or maybe we are long lost twins...snort.

    Love those shots, I so wish we had these little darlings here.

    My nephew who works up in the bush says they will follow him down the trail for miles...


  5. My god Heather how did you get this beauty to trust you enough to land on your hand .. I always wonder about how people can do that, I am afraid I would be too twitchy and the poor bird would sense it and look at me like "are you crazy ? I'm not landing on a twitcher like you!" haha .. he or she is a little snow angel .. what was the crumb from ? .. a scone or shortbread ? : )

  6. I hopped over from your 'sister blogger' lovely to hear you both inspire each other. Gorgeous text and pictures too!


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