Thursday, October 24, 2013

Greatness eludes me.

I had a chat with a dear friend the other day; well, it was more of a one-sided rant, but she is a great listener and sometimes, we just want people to listen.

It came about with my dissatisfaction of myself. About my observations about the "great" people in this world, and why there are those who are fortunate to be considered great, and yet, it appears that what they do may not be any better or greater than what someone else does.

Of course, there are those people who are just born to be great, it is written in the stars, and they do so without any expectation of recognition in return. Like Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, and even the young Malala Yousafzai. Unlike celebrities, we don't hear much about them, they are not always in the limelight and they perform behind the scenes, but they are great, and when they speak, we listen!

There are writers and artists of the past, whose work seems to surpass what others strive so hard to achieve.... not that perhaps they didn't strive hard too, but it is just expected that if it came from them, then it must be great!

I take pride in all the things I can do, I feel, without sounding like a braggart, that I am talented at many things.

Therein lies my problem.

I look at people who are great. They are great because they are passionate about one thing. Their focus is that one thing. It doesn't matter if it is humanitarian causes, writing, art, photography or even cooking, they excel in that one thing, and it shows, and they do not sway.

I have a wandering mind, a restless soul.

I don't seek recognition, I am too private for that... but for some reason, I seek the idea of greatness; to excel at one thing, to focus on one thing...

...but how do I choose that one thing without letting go of all the other things I love?

I want to write, I would love to pen a book, but I cannot sit long enough to write a chapter or formulate a story. And then I think about having to find a publisher and the changes and rewrites that all authors talk about, and so, I try to remain content with a few simple writings here and there.

I want to paint, and I want to sell my work, but my brush sits idly in a drawer. I want to sew, and I want to take photographs, and I want to design.... I could name a thousand things I want to do.

I take on hobby after hobby, because the excitement of the challenge thrills me; I love learning something new.

Perhaps one day my restless soul will be assuaged and I will focus... and then finally, greatness will come.

But then again, what is greatness?

Happy life!

Monday, October 7, 2013

The seeds of change.

Autumn, that glorious time of year when the landscape becomes a portrait of Mother Nature's perfection.

A mixture of greens, yellows, browns, reds, and purples.

Sunset skies dotted with the southern migration of birds to warmer climates.

It's change. You can feel it in your heart, you can feel it in your soul.

Change affects us. Not just the change of the seasons, but changes in our lives.

Birth, death, events, people, sickness, hobbies, moods, finances, employment.

They say, "change is as good as a vacation"... do you believe they are right?

As long as the earth revolves, as long as the seasons change, as long as we are alive to take a breath, we will forever, be affected by change.

Happy life!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

...the white page.

I spoke with a friend today... she reminded me that I've been away for a while...'s hard going away, but it's just as hard coming back.

The difficulty comes not in the action of returning, but in the action of wondering what I will say.

I'm like an author with writer's block. I stare at the blank page, a canvas of snowy white, and it makes me freeze!

I wish I were a great author; I love to write, but I feel so inadequate sometimes when it comes to the craft, and I've read countless words on "how to be an author", but I know it can't be forced....

... but here I sit, staring at this page, and see the few words I've written, and I smile... I will soon be back!

Happy life!

Monday, June 24, 2013

..I'm only a seasonal blogger!

You may have noticed, I haven't  blogged in a while...

... but that's okay, it's summer, and summers are short.

So many things to get done, so little time... it will be winter before I know it and I will wonder why I spent all my time sitting at my computer when I could have been outside enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer! ...and so, I don't.

But today it's raining... and I have found a bit of time to catch up on reading all my blog friends' posts, I may not answer, but I'm reading... there is only so much time in a day after all and I have inside chores to do that have been neglected since I've been spending so much time outdoors.

But this whole blogging thing has gotten me thinking... I'm reading blogs that say they don't just want to be another DIY blog, blogs that tell you how to make your blog successful (not even following their own recommendations!), blogs for pleasure reading, blogs for informational reading, blogs that appear successful with numerous followers, blogs for inspiration, blogs that charge fees for this service or that, this product or that.

If I was younger, perhaps I'd give my blogs some serious consideration... my initial reasons for starting my first and second blogs (this is my third), have all but gone by the wayside and I have come to the realization that for me, my blog is just a way to release all the thoughts that go through my head, perhaps just to show what I'm working on at the moment or something I have finished and am pleased with... and if I feel like blogging, I will, and if I don't, I won't. I no longer think of it as a way to market my wares, or to try and build my customer base.

I don't need to be like all the younger people out there who are so technically orientated that they are using social media as a way to earn money from home so they can stay home with their kids... it's a fantastic concept... a throwback to the "stay-at-home" mother, but with the independence of being able to say they have contributed to the family income... I like that, I'm independent and like earning my own money. So, if that's you goal, then go give 'er...

...for me, I just have to accept.... I'm only a seasonal blogger! I appreciate all those who do visit and leave comments, but I also understand, life doesn't revolve around blogging!

I hope you are all taking the time to enjoy your summer!

(All pictures are last year's stock!)

Happy life!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

..making no apologies!

 Spring has finally hit here in the north, the snow has all gone, the sun is shining, and we have had no rain, except for one light shower...'s hot... hotter than spring should be! I've always said we go right from winter to summer with virtually no spring in between... we've gone from minus temperatures one night to summer tanning temperatures the next!

I have been spending much of my time outdoors, trying to revitalize a sadly neglected garden... four years of neglect has had me boasting about the best crop of weeds you would ever want to grow.

I've spent a ton on plants, the first in four years, and I think I went overboard... I have no beds ready to plant them... yikes!!

While hubby has been away at "camp" (his job), I have been weed whacking, building fences, and moving "garden ornaments"... a big job for one small lone woman... but I wouldn't have it any other way... the garden is my domain and I would rather do it myself!

I've been manually digging post holes, in clay ground, and I have put up an old repurposed fence... the plan was for an "aged" look... it is white, and old fence salvaged from my sister... rustic enough with its flaking chippy white paint...

I've made two gates from the ends of baby cribs...

I've moved a huge pew (12 or 14 feet), a bathtub (not a cast iron one, just a modern one) and other smaller pieces... with nothing but my muscle and determination!

....and, I hate it!

Four days of hard work from morning to night, and I hate it... I mean, I am proud of the job I did, but I really hate the old white fence!

We live in a rustic abode, the white fence just doesn't suit the ambiance! I will be changing it... exchanging painted white square posts for round natural ones... white pickets and rails exchanged for natural wooden rails... I can already see it in my head and I feel it suits me better!

In my anxiousness to redo my garden beds, the decision to erect a fence to provide a sense of boundary for the "veggie" garden, I didn't think it through enough.. I imagined in my head this lovely little fence with all its charm, but it has left me feeling flat... in another location, another house, it would be lovely... but not here!

Anyway all this leads me to saying I've been reading blogs, but I have been having trouble leaving comments through Bloglovin'... and I haven't been posting much, but that is normal for me for summer... I'll post when I can...

...but, I make no apologies... life is good and I am taking time to enjoy Mother Nature's gift to us... I hope you are too!

Happy life!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My flower you will always be...

I walked into the room and smiled, no matter its minimal furnishings, it felt cozy and warm; it always felt cozy and warm, as long as the flower was there.

I breathed in the soft headiness of the blossom’s sweet perfume as it permeated the air; like an essential oil whose scent lingers, lurking in corners, swirling around as though carried upon a gentle breeze, and tickling my nose as it whispered on by.

The flower that had once shone brightly with vibrant colour, now sat faded to a soft milky white with still a hint of the glory it had once been; pure and true, its beauty no less stunning as it graced my eyes. Like all flowers, its uncomplicated enchantment had been easy to admire in every stage of its bloom.

As though light emanated from delicate paper-thin petals, it cast a glow that illuminated the room with its soft haze, filling every nook and cranny, warming the atmosphere, and drawing me towards it like a ship to a beacon; I could not resist the need to touch its lacy fronds, clutch it in my grasp.

With outstretched arms I reached out to cup the delicate blossom in my hands, while petals so fragile, enfolded me like delicate wings, wrapping me in warmth, protecting me, comforting me, showering me with love; and I wanted to be wrapped in its delicate strength, hugged close to its central core and protected within its precious embrace for all time.

This flower is the sunshine in a cold room, the voice of comfort when all seems lost, hope for a blossoming future. This flower can chase the blues away, express regality and simplicity, dignity and grace, joy and sorrow.

And this flower, will always be, pressed between the pages of my heart, forever preserved in my memory, its ever-present existence a thing of beauty, filling glorious chapters within the book of my life.

C Heather Johnsgaard, April 2013

 Happy Mother's Day!

Happy life!

Friday, April 26, 2013

...mind games!

A special gift from a dear friend!

Have you ever wondered about your memory? Do you ever worry about your memory?

We must not let our memories fade!
I like to believe I have been blessed with a wonderful memory; a memory for detail, a memory for remembering words, a memory for being able to replicate in my mind something I have seen, be it in person, from a book, from a monitor, from a photo... and I feel blessed that at my age (which isn't that old really!)  I do have a pretty good memory.

It's not that I remember everything, I don't have a photographic memory or anything, and I may not remember someone's name, but I really seem to have a knack for remembering small details.

Getting older doesn't mean we have to lose our mind!
I don't know what it is, but when I look at things, I really look at them, almost study them, scrutinize them...

...a lot of that comes from being artistic, and the other from the types of careers I have had that have necessitated research and emulation.

I don't give things just a passing glance, I study details and design, how somebody does something, how something is made, how something is laid out... and I remember it, recall it to use at a later date... it's a funny thing! It's not something I consciously do, it just happens..

...and I wonder if this practice will serve me well as I age.

But, there are two things that seem to test my memory, all the time, every day... my keys and my glasses.... I lose them all the time; have absolutely no clue where I saw or put them last! Even to the point that I have found myself hunting all over for my prescription reading glasses, standing there and staring blankly into space trying to remember where they were, only to discover I was wearing them all along, I guess I just couldn't see the clarity for the blur!!

 The mind is a great tool, a funny thing... it may remember, it may not... it may be useful, it may not...

Remember to look after yourself!
I don't know if what we do with our memory plays a part in how our mind will serve us through the years, but I do believe we must nurture it in order for it to stay viable for as long as it can...

We must test our mind, challenge it, practice activities which make us have to use it, do different activities with it... do you think that if the mind is being challenged enough that when it is called upon for something really important, it will be sharp enough? I don't know, I am not a mind specialist... but we do know that as babies and growing children we are challenged to play different games, participate in memory games, fit the shape games. All of these types of things are the basis for opening our mind and keeping it healthy and keeping it growing when we are young, so, why should we stop as we age?

Keep challenging your mind by learning new things, working with hand and eye coordination tasks that will make the brain think, read, test yourself... it's all games for the mind!

The writing says it all!

Happy life!

These absolutely beautiful cards are from Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams who is the most wonderful photographer and sweetest person... visit her blog, or pop over to her Facebook page, and ask her about purchasing some of these beautiful cards in which you can write your own sentiments inside. Thank you Jen!